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Note Note: Anyone not familiar with the general nature of a "wiki" may benefit from reading the Wikipedia wiki article before proceeding.

LERDIT Purpose and Organization

  • The LERDIT (Life Extension Research Development Information and Testing) wiki was created in March 2012 and is being used to accomplish the research, information presentation and organization necessary to provide comprehensive and complete scientific information and services via the website, which information and services are intended to enable a Subscriber to, who totally follows our regimens there, to live in good health and function to the age of 120 years or more.
  • The individuals doing this work have organized themselves according to the arrangements detailed on the LERDIT Partnership operation page and any use of "we", "us" and "our" herein refers to the LERDIT Partners unless otherwise specified.

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Access to the LERDIT Wiki

  • The LERDIT wiki is a private wiki no part of which is viewable without being explicitly registered by the wiki owners - the LERDIT Partnership.
  • No part of the content of this wiki is in the "public domain" and any duplication of that content in any form will be viewed by the LERDIT Partners as a "Responsible Harm".
  • The fact that you are reading this page means that you have been registered and given reader access (at least) to this wiki. Reader access does however mean that you can modify your preferences (see "My preferences" in top-right page horizontal menu) and that you will have your own writable User and Discussion pages. In order that all parties see the wiki pages in the same manner and can therefore more easily explain any usage problems to one another, we strongly recommend that you ensure that your "My preferences" settings are the same as those detailed on the screen-shots at LERDIT.ORG:Default_"My_Preferences".
  • The major purpose of reader access only is to enable you, as an invited prospective investor/funder or content/software contributor, to examine the activities and operations of the LERDIT Partnership for the purpose of deciding whether or not to become an investor/funder of the project or a content/software contributor, as either a Partner or an Associate. Such examination time is limited to the number of days that was communicated in your invitation, which time should be sufficient for you to make your decision. If you have questions and/or require additional time, then please make appropriate comments with reasons on your User discussion page.
  • If you are an External Investor, a Partner or an Associate (or in some other special relationship with the LERDIT Partners) then you will also have write access to all LERDIT wiki contents so that you can ask pertinent questions, make pertinent suggestions and generally enter into the Partnership discussions regarding any of the content.

LERDIT Partnership Methods of Operation

  • Selection of the "Community portal" button-link (top-left side of page vertical menu) will take you to the area of the LERDIT wiki which describes the methods of operation of the LERDIT Partnership and contains links to all subpages involved with those methods (all within an area that is called a "namespace" with name LERDIT.ORG).
  • Also indexed on the Community portal page are several pages of implementation plans for completion of the subscriber website -

Pages of Live120Plus in various stages of completion

Note Note: This project has turned out to be much more work than it was initially thought that it would be, partly because as we got into the project the initial plans changed to encompass more and more as those additions were seen to be necessary to accomplish the goal in a complete and scientific manner. For this reason most of the pages are still incomplete, barely begun, not yet planned and many are named, but not yet even created (shown by a red link, as per this example).
However since there will always be new scientific findings related to pages that we have completed, some findings even requiring the creation of pages on new life extension methods, we will be constantly updating the LERDIT wiki and transferring those updates to Live120Plus for the Subscribers there to read and use.

Levels of Access

The following access levels will be implemented on

  • Anonymous - has non-logged-in read-only access to the Public pages and the Public Forum.
  • Free Registrant - Once s/he completes the registration and identification procedure gets:
    • ability to enter/edit profile information
    • logged-in read-only access to the Public pages plus access to the indexes of the Live120Plus content
    • ability to post questions and comments to the Public Forum.
  • Basic Subscriber - after Free Registrant enrollment goes through a qualifying process to be accepted and pays in advance for a 1,2,5 year or lifetime subscription:
  • Enhanced Subscriber - after Free Registrant and Basic Subscriber qualification processes pays in advance either the full fees or the difference from Basic Subscriber fees if those already paid, for a 1,2,5 year or lifetime enrollment to get:
    • all abilities of Basic Subscriber plus
    • a place on the subscriber's account on Live120Plus to keep and fully edit hir own Personal Regimens
    • read-only access to the Partner Personal Regimens and the Personal Regimens of other Enhanced Subscribers who have permitted hir
    • ability to permit other Enhanced Subscribers to view hir specified Personal Regimens
    • read/post access to an Enhanced Subscriber Forum.
  • Contracted Subscriber - has all the abilities of an Enhanced Subscriber plus:
    • a consulting contract (no set form or fee structure) with the Live120Plus LERDIT Partners (aka the Live120Plus creators/authors), a copy of which will be accessible on Live120Plus by the Contracted Subscriber and the LERDIT Partners
    • hir own Private Forum for the purpose of personal consulting exchanges.

Public Pages

  • Entry Page - the first page seen when accessing for the first time or when not logged-in - more
  • Who We Are - identification and bios of the owners and authors - more
  • About - the purpose and summary description - more
  • Using This Site - the organization and features - more
  • Help Wanted - contributor positions and requirements for hiring - more
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions relative to L120P - more

Personal Menu

This will be a horizontal menu at the top-right of every page of Live120Plus, something like at the top right of every page of this wiki. The first (left-most) display will be the status name for the user (with no link) followed by a set of button-links dependent on the status of the user as follows:

  • For non-logged-in users - Anonymous, IP address, Register, Login
  • For logged-in Free Registrant - Free Registrant, Username (linked to user's profile page), Upgrade, Log out
  • For logged-in Basic Subscriber - Basic Subscriber, Username (linked to user's profile page), My watchlist, Upgrade, Log out
  • For logged-in Enhanced Subscriber - Enhanced Subscriber, Username (linked to user's profile page), My watchlist, My Regimens, My permits, Upgrade, Log out
  • For logged-in Contracted Subscriber - Contracted Subscriber, Username (linked to user's profile page), My watchlist, My Regimens, My permits, My Forum, Upgrade, Log out


  • The Public Forum will be used
    • for anonymous readers to examine some minimal discussion about Live120Plus
    • for Free Registrants to ask questions about (some of which questions may end up on the public FAQ page)
    • for the creator/authors of Live120Plus to answer such questions
    • for any subscriber to also enter into discussions as s/he wishes
  • The Subscriber Forum will be used
    • for all subscribers to comment on, ask questions about and discuss the content of Live120Plus
    • for the creator/authors to respond to these comments and questions from subscribers
      No Basic Subscriber FAQ is currently planned.
    • for subscribers to exchange longevity related information and generally get acquainted with one another
  • The Enhanced Subscriber Forum will be used
    • for Enhanced subscribers to comment on, ask questions about and discuss the operation and content of their Personal Regimen pages
    • for the creator/authors to respond to these comments and questions from Enhanced Subscribers
      No Enhanced Subscriber FAQ is currently planned.
    • for Enhanced Subscribers to exchange longevity related information, particularly related to their Personal Regimens and including giving other Enhanced Subscribers read-only access to one or more of their individual Personal Regimens.
  • Each Contracted Subscriber will in addition have hir own Private Forum in which all consulting services will be rendered.

Page Menus

  • At the top left of every page will be the Public Menu a short vertical menu listing the Public Pages including the Public Forum.
  • Below this public menu will be the Basic Subscriber menu, which will:
    • for a non-logged-in user, go to a page stating that registration is necessary to view this information and ask if registration is desired
    • for a Free Registrant, enable access to an index page of each of the Basic Subscriber menu items. If any of those menu topics are selected will then go to a page stating that paid subscription is necessary to view this information and ask if subscription is desired
    • for a Subscriber of any status will enable all Live120Plus general content to be accessed
    • for a Subscriber of any status will enable access to the Basic Subscriber Forum
  • Below the Basic Subscriber menu will be:
    • one additional button-link that will enable Enhanced and Contracted Subscribers to access the Enhanced Subscriber Forum
  • At the bottom on the left will be a short vertical menu called a Toolbox which will contain:
    • for all Subscribers, a button-link to a search page enabling a website text, category keyword or page title search
    • for Enhanced and Contracted Subscribers, a button-link to a Product Control page enabling entry of supplements and their ingredients which are not already in the database or edit of those that are in it. Perhaps this database will also contain foods and their ingredient analyses and, thus, enable entry and edit of those also.